ANZ Bank Has A Contactless Payment App For Android, But You're Not Getting It Just Yet

ANZ Bank announced a swathe of sweet technology upgrades today from its Melbourne offices, but most interestingly is the revelation that the bank is now testing a mobile wallet product that uses the integrated NFC chips in Android devices.

Phil Chronican, the bank's CEO, said at a press conference today that the trials will begin today, but they'll be limited to 25 ANZ Bank staff -- including himself.

If it sounds freakishly familiar to you, that's because it is. 'Limited trial' is what banks say when they want to be seen doing something that customers want but don't want to deploy it to everyone just yet.

Either way, it's nice to see ANZ Bank using Android for contactless payments. Commonwealth Bank has been struggling with manufacturers for ages.

Along with the Android NFC pilot, ANZ Bank announced two new apps. ANZ FastPay lets users process same-day credit and debit card transactions, 24/7 and ANZ Transactive for Mobile which lets businesses move large payments back and forth on the go.

ANZ Bank is also rolling out smart ATMs to its branches and deploying Cisco videoconferencing gear to remote branches so that people in the bush can chat to specialist financial advisors. Neat!

The bill ANZ is footing for all this new tech? Up to $1.5 billion.

Do you choose banks based on the tech they can offer?



    Fantastic news,
    I have been waiting for something like this to work with my S3 since I got it, but I thought it would probably be years, (I expected it would be after an NFC iPhone, and even then iOS would get it well before android). I hated waiting so long between my partner getting the ANZ GoMoney app on her iPhone before I could get it on my Android phones. I'll happily join a trial if they open it to a few consumers.

    I still like to feel important when pulling out the platinum amex card - I'm in no rush to make the move to NFC. Plus I use different cards for different things, I can use 2 or 3 per day depending on what I'm buying and why, and NFC only really replaces one card.

      Don't kid yourself (assuming tongue not in cheek when posted). Platinum cards are like arseholes - everyone has one. CBA had to invent a new category, "Diamond", so that the 'right people' can still feel important when paying for dinner.

      I assume you would still get to choose which cards you use for which purpose. I imagine you would open the app (with a password or something) then choose the card, then swipe. easy.

      Come back when you have a Centurion Amex, chump.

      Actually, because the communication is governed by the app, if you have more than one card then you would be able to choose which card to use/communicate by a widget on the home screen.

    Oh well... what a shame all those fancy new iphone's won't be able to make use if this wonderful advancement in technology that's been around for a while now. Not long until I get my hands on a Lumia 920! :)

      It's a shame no bank will make apps for your fancy new Lumia 920......

        You mean other than CBA, NAB, BankWest and St. George who already have WP apps available?

          Could really use a WP App from ANZ, considering they're my actual bank.

        Luckily they thought of that so not only can you install a bank app that will plug into the wallet, but you can also add cards from unsupported banks manually. Yay for innovation.

      Congratulations for turning a story that didn't mention the iPhone at all. Into a story about the iPhone.

      Additionally good work on pointing out a feature that a phone that is available right now to buy doesn't have, and comparing it too a phone that isn't out yet.

      Stunning comment in general really.

      Do you also complain that there are "too many apple stories" on gizmodo?

      Because all those shiny NFC-enabled phones use it everywhere they go as it's widely available at every retailer you go to.

      There are several of the major banks with apps for Windows Phone, so I don't see a problem there.

      And I did not "compare" the iPhone to a yet to be released phone. I simply stated that the latest iPhone still lacks a technology that has been out for over 5 years, becoming more mainstream on Samsung devices with Android a couple of years ago.

      I merely stated that it won't be long until I get a Lumia 920 - no comparisons made, nor need to be made.

    I still find it amazing how huge the gap is between different ANZ departments. I deal with all banks corporate banking systems on a daily basis, and ANZ is by far the worst. You actually need a physical cd to install their tokens, printing statements is a lengthy process, there are a heap of problems with their import aba file options (sometimes it changes the debit account when it feels like it) amongst many more issues. They aren’t interested in feedback and when I read these sorts of articles that cast ANZ in a progressive limelight it irritates me.

    I'd like to know more about these new "smart ATMs". What do they do better than current ones?

    ANZ still have not released any WP apps

    i have no mortgage or loans just a simple savings account, so i mean nothing to the banks but lately i have been choosing my banks by the tech they offer, i was all ready to leave anz for CBA with kaching and its mobile app, and i was prepared to leave CBA for westpac, i think, when they announced they were testing NFC based mobile banking like this, but ANZ release gomoney and its a great app fast, looks good and works, and now they are testing NFC stuff too, looks like im staying put.

    My first job was with ANZ, and by dumb luck I ended up as one of the staff in the "limited trial" for Internet banking when they were setting it up in 1998/9. I felt priviledged for the not quite 5 months it took to roll it out to customers, so it may be arriving quicker than you think.

    Wow. 13 years went by real quick.

    I got Kaching and the iPhone case with the NFC chip when they came out. Too few retailers I encounter even have the PayWave system for me to use it. I'm still not sure why everyone seems so keen to have access to tech they can't use.

      Because they become effective pioneers of this innovative technology. Nokia, Philips and Sony founded the NFC forum in 2006 and has since been developing ways for it's use in mobile, security measures and other parameters required. I recall Nokia allowing it to allow users to 'touch' a movie poster on a wall and the phone starts showing it's trailer on youtube.

        Sure, I don't deny the potential for the tech, but why clamour to get it if the applications just aren't there yet? See what's happened to 3D TV.

          It's predicted that by the end of this year, all checkouts at Coles and Woolworths will support mobile payments. If that's not getting the application out there, I don't know what is...

            Indeed, but that is not getting the applications out there, that is just a prediction made by someone with no direct connection to either Coles or Woolies. There are lots of predictions out there, but not all of them come to pass, at least in the time frames being bandied about.

      A lot of big chains use paypass/paywave.
      Most fast foods, I think all my local supermarkets (coles even recognises my AMEX paywave which no other business does), bunnings, masters, etc. There are quite a few.
      Hell even the tasty truck that comes to the office every morning supports it. It's all about convenience. Give it a year or 2 and every eftpos/credit card machine will be paypass/paywave enabled.
      Small retailers generally don't bother, but hey, there are still places that don't take eftpos or credit cards, and quite a lot of places that don't take specific cards like AMEX.
      As for the NFC version - I'm not sure how that differs to paypass/paywave, since I don't have an NFC phone.

    The moment companies start using NFC is the moment Apple will put it in there phones. They're in no rush because NFC isn't 100% just yet.

      Except companies already use NFC. Paypass via google wallet is already available in the USA? =)

    The Commonwealth Bank won't use the built in NFC chips because they claim that they are insecure. Strangely, they are happy to support bumping phones together because this is clearly more secure, with built in voodoo of some kind the average punter wouldn't understand. :-)

    Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
    I'm kinda paranoid about losing everything I've worked hard on.

    Any tips?

    3 years since this article, and still no ANZ NFC? What's the go?!

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