AMD Has A Tablet Thing In The Works

AMD Has A Tablet Thing In The Works

A new “viral” video orchestrated by AMD has hit the intertubes that certainly makes it look like the company has a gaming tablet in the works. Either that or it’s really trying to launch this awful TV serial.

The video is for a fake show called TECHnically Beyond Explanation, and it looks quite a lot like a rubbish episode of The Twilight Zone.

Our protagonists break into an AMD test lab and find a laptop-looking device hidden inside an AMD tower. That’s a familiar stunt, but the video cuts off as one of our lead characters opens the device to find a screen with the exclamation “It’s not a laptop!” closing the video.

We won’t have to wait long to find out exactly what;s in it, though. There’s an announcement going ahead in the US on October 9.

Perhaps a convertible tablet is on the way? What do you want in an AMD tablet? [The Verge]