AMD Has A Tablet Thing In The Works

A new "viral" video orchestrated by AMD has hit the intertubes that certainly makes it look like the company has a gaming tablet in the works. Either that or it's really trying to launch this awful TV serial.

The video is for a fake show called TECHnically Beyond Explanation, and it looks quite a lot like a rubbish episode of The Twilight Zone.

Our protagonists break into an AMD test lab and find a laptop-looking device hidden inside an AMD tower. That's a familiar stunt, but the video cuts off as one of our lead characters opens the device to find a screen with the exclamation "It's not a laptop!" closing the video.

We won't have to wait long to find out exactly what;s in it, though. There's an announcement going ahead in the US on October 9.

Perhaps a convertible tablet is on the way? What do you want in an AMD tablet? [The Verge]



    What do you want in an AMD tablet?

    An Intel chip?

    Thats the worst thing Ive ever seen.

    Whoever thought of that should be fired.

    Coming up on TECHnically Beyond Explanation, the team look at Will Ferrells popularity.

    AMD padfone? the ASUS Padfone 2 is about to be announced next week or so.

    play mw2 while ur at it

      Yeah it seemed to be able to play MW2. If they are not lying about that then it might be a Win8 based tablet that can output to monitors and play PC games?

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