Acer's 7-Inch Android Tablet Will Cost $US230

We've known it was coming for months, but the Acer Iconia Tab A110 finally has a due date and a pricetag. It's going on sale October 30 in the US, and it'll only cost you $US230. That puts it squarely in Nexus 7-territory.

But what does that extra $US30 get you? Well, more. And less.

The Iconia Tab and Nexus 7 both feature Nvidia's quad-core Tegra 3 processor, both have 8GB of built in storage, and both run the latest version of Android (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean). The Iconia has some great features that the Nexus 7 lacks, however, most notably, a microSD card slot so you can boost the device's storage capacity an additional 32GB. It also has a microHDMI port, so you can watch your movies/play your games on a full-sized TV. Very nice.

The biggest disadvantage is the screen. The seven-inch Iconia Tab A110 only has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, which makes for a rather paltry pixel density of 170 PPI. The Nexus 7 crams 800 x 1280 pixels into those same seven inches, bringing the pixel density up to 216 PPI. Considering that reading and watching videos are likely to be the main things you do with a tablet this size, that might just be a deal-breaker. The Nexus is also a few grams lighter than the Iconia, and it's a bit thinner, too.

What do ye say? Are the tradeoffs a good swap? Are you still thinking Nexus, or does the Iconia Tab A110 win out? [Acer]



    Didn't u hear,icrosoft said pixel density doesn't fact they said that higher pixel density makes for a worse reading experience. He'll....I'm buying a surface!

    I still prefer the nexus 7, a 32gb version is on its way. I like getting push updates straight from google itself then wait for the manufacturer.

    I don't know why on earth every manufacturer make the device so big by putting wide black border around the actual screen. they can make the device significantly smaller by making thin border (just keep the space only for putting the front camera and indicator lights)

    another annoying part of manufacturers are not providing a device with all features - indicator lights, barometer, IR sensor, gyro, accelerometer, dedicated camera button, scroll wheel (like in old smart phones, e.g HTC Trinity) OR roller ball with indicator lights (like nexus one), micro HDMI, NFC, DLNA, 3G/4G, microSD slot, stylus. So far Galaxy Note II has got most features, but its a phone not a tablet

      The "black border" is called a bezel and it's actually kinda necessary for you to be able to hold the tablet without touching the screen. These aren't phones that fit in the palm of your hand.

      Some touch actions also require you to touch right on the edge of the screen.

      And the Galaxy Note is a "phablet" - a phone/tablet hybrid. Bigger than a phone, smaller than a tablet. Though the fact you can make phone calls on it does put it more in the "phone" territory.

        Agreed, the bezel is absolutely necessary.

          A bezel wouldn't be necessary. They could just use a deadzone and have an opaque border popup when you touch the screen to indicate the workable area. It's my idea if you steal it ill sue you like Apple.

    I don't see any problem at all with a 1024 screen. My Playbook's 1024 screen is stunning, possibly it's best feature. Nobody cared about PPI until Apple made it a marketing point and Apple's pushing of Retina Display doesn't suddenly make it the defining factor for any screen. Even the dreaded pentile display on my Lumia800 smokes the iPhone's Retina Display when it comes to displaying stunning images.

    What's interesting with this device is that Acer don't have an ecosystem to make money from, so this price is obviously enough for them to make money on the device alone. But it is still $60 more than my Playbook was, with half the on-board storage, and I don't think my Playbook was really worth what I paid for it.

    1024 x 600 is not acceptable on a 4-5" smartphone let alone a 7" tablet. Not sure how you can justify it MM given it's dearer than the Nexus with it's higher res screen. Also as others have said the huge border looks very bad.

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