An Honest Version Of That Really Cool Microsoft Internet Explorer Ad

Microsoft has done a bang up job with Internet Explorer and has a fancy, heart-pumping, dare-I-say-cool commercial to go along with it. Seriously, watch it. But you know what? It's hard to stop poking fun of IE because of its horrid reputation.

This video by College Humor is the honest version of that super cool commercial. It's hilarious

There might have been one too many stutters and warning pop ups but it's still pretty frickin' comedic gold. My favourite part though? The Redtube user comment that IE is 'bad for porn'. [College Humor]


    I see people praising the Windows 8 version but frankly the Metro version just sucks and the regular version (10) would be OK if I could modify the layout as in Firefox. Still too much effort imo!

    "Surprisingly bad for porn"
    Can't agree more!

    Nothing about this ad is honest. I thought this site was above the "HURR DURR MICROSOFT SUCKS" mentality. Its hard to stop poking fun of IE give me a break.

      IE9 can't even handle CSS text shadows. It sucks. They were standard before IE8 was released.

      If Microsoft are serious about people continuing to use Internet Explorer, they will make it work on any OS (IE9 doesn't work on XP) and they will stop requiring Windows Genuine Advantage checks before installation.

    Funny how ie9/ie10 are the fastest and safest browsers
    Yep it has been tested and its TRUE the world may end after all........

    IE9 isn't really awesome, but this ad is complete bollocks.

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