A 32GB Nexus 7 Will Probably Cost The Same As The Original 16GB Model

Evidence is mounting which suggests that a new 32GB Nexus 7 will soon be available, and that it will cost the same as the original 16GB version.

A listing in UK retailer Argos' Christmas Gift Guide suggests a new tablet with 32GB of storage will soon be available, for £200 — the exact same price as the 16GB model. Elsewhere, a listing on the Staples website shows a 32GB model priced at $US250 — again, the same price as the current 16GB model.

There's no official word on the existence or timing of the new, larger capacity tablet, but The Next Web was told "not to expect it in the next two weeks." Not far off, then. [The Next Web]


    As an early adopter of the 16gb version for the new price of the 32gb all i can say is i am pissed !!!!!!!! If this is true i wont be supporting google enterprises as an early adopter ever again if i support their business at all . Only 3 months since the release and to pull an act like this is simply wrong...

      Is it really that much of an issue Julie?

        I agree with julie. I'm not rich. Therefore I am not an "early adopter" of any new technology. I always wait for some time to see what's in the coming up. Technology running at light speed. It's best to wait for a while. Bruce-U.S.A.

      Agreed, pretty bloody annoyed that I/we are being penalized for being early adopters. I can't imagine that the price of the flash storage has dropped enough to justify the price drop in such a short time.
      But they aren't the only ones to do this recently. I ordered the new Galaxy S3 the day it was made available through Optus and all I could get was the 16gb model, now one can get either a 64gb or the 4G models for the same price barely 3 months later.
      It doesn't make sense to me, this must effect the sales of the higher spec'd models. Surely releasing them all at once would be more beneficial to everyone.
      I sure as hell won't be buying another one just to get larger capacity before the next generation is released.

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        Memory in these capacities isn't that expensive in the first place, so, personally I don't get why companies don't just sacrifice 10-20$ of their juicy profit margins and have all the baselines start with 16 or 32Gb.

      I also have the 16GIG, mine isn't even close to full. I don't use it for music (thats my phones job) and I rotate movies and TV shows.

      Books are kept on the device, but they aren't to big. I don't see to much an issue in a 32gig being the same price. I have mine, I am happy with it - I'm not going to chuck up a stink for an extra 16gig.

      But gadget prices always go down after a while. When you make a purchase, I believe it's a decision you are making as a buyer that you accept the product at the price that the company is asking for at that moment in time. Can't moan about what the company does later.

        @PJ "But gadget prices always go down after a while."
        Yep, think of it as the early-adopter tax. That's why I always wait a couple of months after a product is launched. Any hardware problems get ironed out, and the price will be less to boot.

      Wow calm the fu ck down. If they lose you, they'll only gain about another 50 in place of you.

      $1000 bucks says that you will still use Google search even if they do swap the 16gig for the 32gig..

    I got a 16gig version.

    If the 32gig version is the same price, I'll get that, too. :)

    As someone that preordered and purchased this, under the guise that there would be no large capacity version (and taking a big-girl breath and accepting that there was no expandable memory) it's really frustrating to hear that < 3 months later they are releasing one twice the size for 'possibly' the same cost. IMO it's just not good business practice and sort of shuns the people that were most excited and most supportive/loyal to Google/Nexus 7 originally.

    Then again, it makes sense from a business point of view, still.... I want a 32GB :(

    Oh well, time to buy another one and gift this 16gb model to the gf :p It's still in perfect condition.

    It's not the sort of price I'd get pissed off about.

      I hope she's not the type that only wants apple products man.

    So what happens to the 16gb model? will they phase out the 8gb to make room for this new model?

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      I believe that the 8 gb version is going to be phased out, the 16gb version will be re-priced at $199, and this 32 gb version will be priced at $249. I wonder if Google will give a Play Store credit for early adopters of the 16 gb version as compensation for the increased storage capacity of the new tablet. I didn't buy the tablet when it came out precisely because of the storage issue (16gb, no expansion) but I would have happily purchased a 32gb version at that price point.

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