9 Environmentally Friendly Gems Crafted From Cork

9 Environmentally Friendly Gems Crafted From Cork

Cork is a wonderful substance. It’s light, it’s durable, it’s sustainable, and, most importantly, it’s versatile. Designers have taken notice of this material (much like they have bamboo), and have begun working cork into contemporary design trends. Here are nine ingenious objects forged from cork.

Functioning as a table or chair, this slab of cork looks like the pushpins that are generally jabbed into memo boards crafted from the same material.

Photo: Cooima/Facebook

Replacing materials such as metal and plastic with cork can cut down on weight and manufacturing costs, not to mention carbon footprints. The Kurk lamp ships as a flat pack parcel that you assemble yourself.

Photo: Craig Foster

Likewise, kitchen appliances made from cork? Yes please.

Photo: Gaspard Tiné-Berès

Given how spongy cork naturally is, I can only imagine how comfortable this chaise lounge is, made from 100% recycled cork.

Photo: Voos Furniture

Cork may not scream futuristic, but when shoehorned into the latest and greatest design trends, it can look downright sci-fi.

Photo: Corque Design

It may be in the shape of a wine stopper, but it’s probably best not to make this cork-covered USB drive pull double duty.

Photo: Greenhouse

The idea of a cork iPad case is already appealing. Then its creators went and made the exterior faceted.

Photo: Pomm

Okay, so maybe the Cork Tree House isn’t really a treehouse, but it not only looks cooler than the genuine article, it also unpacks from a bag and inflates with air. I’d rather sleep in that.

Photo: Dideia

When you combine a cork light fixture with a self-made paper lampshade, you pretty much end up with the greenest home decoration ever.

9 Environmentally Friendly Gems Crafted From CorkPhoto: Raw Edges

Top Image via ZimmyTWS/Shutterstock