8 Ridiculously Huge Public Declarations Of Love

Marriage proposals are getting ridiculously over the top lately, almost to Hollywood production levels. These love declarations are crazy too, but a lot bigger. So big that you can see some of them from space.

Today, a guy named Jan Przasnek asked his girlfriend Gika for forgiveness by posting this giant love letter covering two buildings in Budapest, Hungary. You know, because nothing says I'm sorry like putting a broken relationship up for everyone to see. Photo: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

In May 2005, Pieter DeHond planted a personal ad on the ground. In August, the corn was showing this message: "Single White Female. Got to love farming." He got 700 replies and a pizza delivered to his farm, sent by a Californian woman who loves corny. Photo: Robert Mincer/AP

Alexander Kartashov thought that the best way to tell his feelings to his girlfriend was by writing "Tanya I love you" in 1km tall letters over the river Don. Tanya looks mildly amused. Photo: Life News

Luo Yuan wanted to marry his girl friend Yang Jing, so he proposed to her by printing a 20m long banner and hanging it on a building after realising nobody could make a fortune cookie big enough to fit his message. Photo: China Photos/Getty Images

Stefan Libon went all Leo DiCaprio on his girlfriend by adding a "Marry Me Jess" banner on the Queen Mary 2 as the ship was arriving to Sydney's Harbour on Valentines Day. Insert joke about icebergs here. Photo: James Morgan/Carnival Australia via Getty Images

Look at the Melbourne's Australian Football team breaking through this marriage banner proposal in 1999. We didn't need more allegories, but there you go. Photo: Hamish Blair/ALLSPORT/Getty Images

I'm sure Malia was impressed, even while billboard marriage proposals are now considered so passé (yes, I'm just bitter that nobody has ever gotten me a billboard love declaration). Photo: jonrawlinson

And I'm sure Wanda loved her printed-out roses and battery starters. Kidding Wanda! Wish you the best! Photo: autiscy

Image curation by Attila Nagy

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