7 Tools To Help You Survive A Natural Disaster

Here are seven tools to help you survive a natural disaster. Even if it's not a massive hurricane you have to deal with, there are some essential tools we should all have in case of an emergency.

Eton Raptor Solar Radio

Staying up to date on the latest developments is essential. And radio still has TV and print beat when it comes to delivering those updates. However there might not be power. Eton’s splashproof, solar-powered radio charges its battery using natural light, meaning you don’t have to hoard a sea of batteries in anticipation. ~$150.

First Alert Fireproof/Waterproof Safe

You probably have some items which are important, invaluable or flat-out irreplaceable. Passports, insurance policies, deeds. Make sure they don’t get lost or ruined amidst the chaos by stashing them in a waterproof, fireproof safe. ~$350.

TerreStar Genus Satellite Smartphone

Mobile phones tend to not work so well in moments of crisis. Satellite phones, on the other hand, tend to remain unaffected by the surrounding conditions, and have become a favourite tool of those handling disaster relief. The TerreStar Genus will provide access to mobile internet as well as voice services in a time of need. ~$800.

Black Diamond Storm LED Headlamp

It’s dark and/or raining. Your neighbour next door is trapped by debris and needs your help. What do you do? Trying to help them while wielding a torch seems like it wouldn’t be optimal. But having a waterproof, head-mounted LED lamp would keep both of your hands free while in action. Plus, it can even emit a red light so that you can maintain natural night vision. ~$40.

Outlier Supermarine Shoes

So the Hurricane is on its way and you realize you didn’t have time to get a proper pair of shoes for braving the outdoors after a hurricane. What if the shoes you already wear were lightweight, waterproof and quick-drying such as the Outlier Supermarine? It could come through in a pinch with its thick sole and military-developed materials. ~$260.

Intershelter Temporary Dome Structure

If the worst case scenario strikes and your home is unfit to return to, you’ll need somewhere to stay, temporarily at least. Intershelter makes temporary structures that pack into an container small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck and can be assembled in a few hours only using a couple of hand tools. ~$12,000.

Shelf Reliance Freeze-Dried Food

It may taste terrible, but Shelf Reliance’s freeze dried food will remain edible for years and years and years, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing your stock in the event of emergency. ~$4000 for a one-year supply.



    Those shoes for $260? I'd rather trench foot

    Water purification? Just about every major natural disaster can severely damage infrastructure including access to clean water, and access to water is a heck of a lot more important than access to mobile internet or having dry shoes.

      Agreed. Water purification tablets are the first thing that goes into my Cyclone/evacuation kit along with a pack in the first aid kit.

    Using an international disaster to spruik expensive gadgets... Stay classy!

    Ok, I know a lot of people are already scoffing at this article, but nobody has brought up the $12,000 tent yet?

    Ok, I guess if your house is being destroyed, you might want a semi-permanent structure that you can lock up when you go to work. I can't find prices online right now, but I know you can hire sea containers to do the job and it would be massively cheaper than that $12,000 eyesore

      Sure a $3000 eyesore instead.... (jk)

      In the spirit of things.... Happy Halloween New York.... may the ghosts and ghouls dance in your deserted streets....

    Black pendulous clouds fill the sky, owling winds, driving rain with visibility of 50m, in urgent need of disaster management information from radio, I'll just pop outside with my Eton Raptor Solar Radio, charge up the battery and....er.....wait.......

    Intershelter's link as supplied doesn't work, they are not offline due to Sandy - try this one instead:

    Unlike the other hipster, expensive, useless disaster toys, this one is functional yet bloody ugly though - an over sized hard hat with eyes!

    I guess if they are too ugly for hipsters, they must work! Even though they are hipster priced at $12k...

    I can buy an old 40' shipping container for $3k. And it is just as ugly!

    Last edited 31/10/12 9:51 pm

    I signed up to Gizodo just so I could say that this is the most painfully obvious, in your face advertising. Especially for the shoes. I'd say there are's a plethora of great hiking boots or steel caps, etc that would be far better than a pair of street shoes that are trying to act tough by having a 'thick sole'. Really, Gizmodo? Using an interesting title to group together all the items that you've been paid to show, instead of retaining your credibility by actually compiling a well thought out list of items that may /actually/ be useful?
    Frankly it's shameful.

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