12 New iPad Minis And Updated iMacs Coming Out Next Week?

Like iPhone 5, the leaks have now overflown Apple's secrecy bucket. The iPad mini launch seems imminent. AppleInsider claims to have new exclusive information: there will be 12 models, they say. And updated iMacs too.

They claim there are 12 models, each in black and white, making up for 24 options. Four storage capacities in the good, best and better configurations which -- according to them -- probably mean Wi-Fi only, 3G and 4G LTE models.

The only question now is the real price and available data plans and carriers (which I guess will be the same as iPhone 5). [AppleInsider via MacRumors]

Image by Martin Hajek.



    But I wanted a much bigger iPad! Around a 30 inch iPad! Not Smaller..

    (I just put my iphone really close to my eye balls to look at a screen that size).

    It just struck me that the iPad mini is the reason why the iPhone 5 sucks in terms of screen size.

    See apps be damned if Apple came out with a 4.5-5 inch screen that would would seriously jeopardise the justification for 7 inch device. As the iPad shows Apple didn't care that zillion of apps out there weren't sized for a 9 inch screen. Nah they knew developers would update their apps for iPad compatibly.

    I wonder if this is part of the super duper 100 year plan Job's left them or its something that they've thought up by themselves in year 1 of our lord PB (Post Jobs).

      I don't see the problem with the current display. Personally, I prefer it to the 4.3" Desire HD screen I had. Not everyone wants a mobile phone with a 5" display.

    Wait wait wait wait um nope I don't care.

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