12 Idiots With Hideous Apple Tattoos

12 Idiots With Hideous Apple Tattoos

It is one thing to like Apple products. It is quite another to let your insane tech zealotry escalate to the point where you are actually paying other people to inject ink into your skin with needles so that you may forever serve as a fleshy canvas displaying your deranged, rabidly fanatical devotion to an operating system. Here’s a bunch of certifiable lunatics who did that second thing.

This wonderful collection of winners is displayed proudly at Shiny Shiny, and The Apple Collection, showcasing the apparently proud owners of this terrifying ink any sane human would learn to regret.

Apple rocks! You can tell by that thing he’s doing with his hand!

As if you couldn’t suss out the subject of the shot without his pointing.

Changing things up a little here with the Finder logo. Also mood-lighting.

Just look at that face. He knows he is BAD. arse.


“I’m am a Mac Zealot and could not think of a better thing to do then to display it for the rest of my life.”

Mike Kline / Lexington, KY

The inception effect just makes it twice as idiotic.

[presented without comment]

A real turn-on. GET IT?!

This one manages to somehow come off as vaguely cancerous.

I really hope his other fist reads AAPL, Apple’s NASDAQ abbreviation.

No, this tattoo is not merely proclaiming itself as “rad”; it is so much worse than just that.

“I got this tattoo for my wife 1 week before we got married. We got married on April 1st 2006, Apple’s 30th anniversary. The letters are my wife’s new initials. Her parents did not give her a middle name so I gave her one. APPLE!”

Darrin Dishong

And in closing, it’s also worth noting here that idiocy is apparently cross-platform.

If you’re thinking of getting a terrible, hideous tech-related tattoo, please don’t. Don’t think about it, don’t do it. Remember The Gateway PC cow? Imagine having to remember it every day for the rest of your life. Nobody wants that. Chill out and buy a t-shirt or something.

Pictures via Shiny Shiny, The Apple Collection, Search Engine Roundtable