You'll Never Forget Where This Floor Piercing Chair Sits

What looks like a giant bent and sharpened paperclip is actually an updated version of Didier Faustino's Love Me Tender chair with a brushed stainless steel finish. Not only does is look like an incredibly uncomfortable place to crash, you have to be extremely careful where you place it.

If your home is finished with lovely hardwood flooring you'll probably want to skip this design altogether since the sharpened feet will inevitably leave their marks wherever it's placed. But on the bright side, if you're fanatical about furniture placement and hate to see a single item moved, you'll always have four tiny holes in your floor letting you know where the Love Me Tender is supposed to sit. Pricing is unknown, but with only 100 copies being produced, it's probably going to be an expensive way to tear up your floors. [super-ette via MoCo Loco]

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