You Won't Care If Monday Is Black With This Chrome Rotary Desk Calendar

The magic boxes in our pockets have many wondrous uses, but a digital readout of the date and time is a fairly new phenomenon. People used to have specialised tools to access this mundane, essential information.

They wore watches. They had style. They knew the date thanks to elaborate, fantastic calendars, like this refurbished rotary specimen, which could dress up your desk for just $US57.

Chromium-plated with the words "Made in England" marked on the rear, this 1950s-era calendar is perfect for people with a strong sense of time (specifically the past). Display it as an analogue flourish, ticking away the days, perched on a felted bottom that keeps its host surface un-scuffed. As of now, it is in "very good condition with just a few marks consistent with age and careful use", but the 250g machine is just hefty enough to huck it at any underling who suggests the next paid holiday should be September 22 -- the "International Day of Radiant Peace".



    I have one of these sitting on my desk in a pleasing chrome gold design.
    Just wish I could set it so that it would automatically change the date every day......;)

      Yes, because moving that dial one more click each day is so difficult

        Seems rather pointless though- you're manually setting the date each day when you already know it.

    Looks like it's straight from the set of Mad Men.

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