You Can't Spoof SMS Messages On iOS 6

The SMS protocol on iOS previously had an issue that allowed anyone to manipulate the little-used "Reply To" field to make it look like a text message was coming from someone else. iOS 6 fixes the exploit, so the days of pulling that stunt on an iPhone are over.

According to iJailbreak, Twitter user p0sixninja was the first to notice that Apple patched the flaw as part of an "insane number of security fixes" included in the iOS 6 update. The site also says that Android and BlackBerry have not been affected by the issue thanks to more secure messaging apps on their respective platforms. [iJailbreak via Apple Insider via The Verge]


    Don't you have to pay for that update?

      Na its free once you've sold apple your soul.

    Lol Shepard. You make me laugh. You can't compact apples to oranges. I have both phones - I am not phone zealot - i am a geek though - Now - iOS6 has a range of issues I have picked up I have a couple of emails ( yet to read ) from apple in my inbox - my fav issue I picked up is with Passport - but my galaxy sIII is a brilliant - and a pain in the ass. One is not better than the other. They are different with similar features.... Like Linux and windows....

      Are you compacting my Galaxy as a orange? I thought of it more as a Dragon Fruit.

        So, brightly coloured exterior, plain, white, tasteless and seedy interior?

        I jest, I jest. I hope you didn't select it because you thought dragon fruit was cool though. Watermelon, however...

    In only took the 6 goes to fix such a serious privacy/security flaw?

    A lot of online text messaging services allow you to choose the number it sent from, so it seems like its more a problem with SMS itself.

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