Would You Get Knockoff iPhone 5 Adaptors If It Meant Saving 20 Bucks?

No one has been particularly pleased about how the iPhone 5 will require expensive adaptors to work with old peripherals. If you're upset over it too, perhaps news of the knock-offs will make your day.

On Amazon, Nanotch is offering a 7-inch (18cm) cable adaptor for $US18, compared to the $45 Apple is charging in Australia for its 20cm cable. iTronz is offering the stub for $US10, while Apple's version costs $35 in Australia. Nanotch and iTronz both have generally positive ratings -- 94 and 96 per cent positive reviews respectively -- but the iPhone 5 isn't even out in the wild yet, so cool your jets. While these will probably work, you're going to need something with a Lighting port before you (or anyone else) can really test them.

The shipping dates for these knock-offs (September 26 for the stub, September 30 for the cable) are earlier than Apple's nebulous October date for the official versions. And if you're really hankering to get your grubby little paws on an adaptor you can't use yet, they're showing up on eBay as well. If you can't bear the thought of going even one day without using your peripherals, it might be worth the gamble, but it's probably wise to wait for a few reviews to come in. [CNET]


    If I was dumb enough to buy an iPhone 5, I'm pretty sure I'd only buy something Apple made anyway.

    Mind you, these are probably a case of false economy, considering they're going to have to last until Apple standardise their plug to micro USB, and/or for the rest of eternity, or at least until one buys some new accessories.

    Despite my apathy for Apple, I'd still recommend going genuine.

      You'd be surprised - the market with those with less means will buy them. Whilst the iPhone is something people crave to show status, this is something that no one will see, and therefore they will buy any cheap crap that will work in the background.

        iPhone doesn't show status, it only makes you think you have status...

        Who would buy an iPhone for status when heaps of people have them? That's like saying you buy a Mazda 3 for status.

          Crap, my Mazda 3 is about to be delivered, and you tell me this now...?

          For Christ's sake, I slept outside the showroom for 6 weeks, just to be first in line for the new model.

            at least now you have a car to sleep in lol

      ah man now I feel dumb for buying and enjoying my apple products, thanks for the correction. What should I get now oh mighty douche.

        sensitive much?

          lol, you're the one making a statement someone who buys an iPhone is dumb. Go back to tinkering with your android OS fanboy.

    If it works, it works. What's the big deal?

      I bought a $2.80 apple cable from Daisco and it works as well as the "real" one did.

    I bought a thunderbolt DVI display connector for $10 from china, Works perfectly and better than the apple one price wise

    I would buy a knockoff, it is just for charging. I was hoping there would be a shorter one available, sticking that adapter on, then a phone on it, makes it a very dangerously high tower, one wrong push and the connectors are sure to snap off

    the rest of the world that use USB use no-name products all the time, with zero issues....

    If it works 100%, then yes indeed. My car has the 30 pin connector, so I'm hoping I can still use my car stereo with my new iPhone, but all reports coming out say mostly no, so I hope they are wrong, or hope I can somehow get an AUX port added - 2008 model Suzuki Swift

      You will might find that the connector in the back of the stereo is aux or usb anyway and just has an ipod cable attached. I switched out my ipod connector on my mitsubishi to aux and micro usb using the aux in on the back of the stereo and the usb in that the ipod connector was attached to.

      The adapters apparently won't work with audio/video out so I hope you find a way!!

    happily get knock off stuff and save $20, I bought HDMI 1.4 cables to run 3D on for $7 each and they work just as well as the ones my mate bought for $80 each the sucker. I figure digital cables and connections either work or they don't.

    Have a $1 apple 30 pin USB cable that I have used at work for years, not a problem.

    My issue is not the product, just the fact that I have to pay for it. Apple should really just chuck it in for free.
    Much like they do an AUS power adaptor or headphones. Really Apple? $20 for something YOU decided it was time to change. Sure it might be better, but $20 X 2.2 million pre orders. We know who's raking in the real benefit of this new adaptor. It could just be their best Marketing ploy yet.

    Even better, I'd save $40 and wait for the Chinese knockoffs from deal extreme to become available.

    Another apple gimmick. Long live the 3210

    Are there that many people really raging over the new connection? Granted I don't have a bunch of expensive docks (I'm only worried about being able to charge from different locations) but just wait a bit and score a cheap China made alternative for a few bob. Yes, Apple may be trying to rape you, but you don't have to just lie down and receive.

    If the new connector means progress (and after 9 years I'm sure it does) then lets all just mellow out.

    Apple fan-boy out. :P

    How could it get a " 94 and 96 per cent positive" review when the device it is used for hasn't even been released to test if it actually works correctly ... Seriously People ....

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