Would You Get Knockoff iPhone 5 Adaptors If It Meant Saving 20 Bucks?

No one has been particularly pleased about how the iPhone 5 will require expensive adaptors to work with old peripherals. If you're upset over it too, perhaps news of the knock-offs will make your day.

On Amazon, Nanotch is offering a 7-inch (18cm) cable adaptor for $US18, compared to the $45 Apple is charging in Australia for its 20cm cable. iTronz is offering the stub for $US10, while Apple's version costs $35 in Australia. Nanotch and iTronz both have generally positive ratings — 94 and 96 per cent positive reviews respectively — but the iPhone 5 isn't even out in the wild yet, so cool your jets. While these will probably work, you're going to need something with a Lighting port before you (or anyone else) can really test them.

The shipping dates for these knock-offs (September 26 for the stub, September 30 for the cable) are earlier than Apple's nebulous October date for the official versions. And if you're really hankering to get your grubby little paws on an adaptor you can't use yet, they're showing up on eBay as well. If you can't bear the thought of going even one day without using your peripherals, it might be worth the gamble, but it's probably wise to wait for a few reviews to come in. [CNET]

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