World's Thinnest External Drive Squeezes Half A Terabyte Into 9 Millimetre Enclosure

ADATA is touting its new HE720 as the world's thinnest external hard drive. The company has managed to squeeze 500 GB of storage and a speedy USB 3.0 connection into a brushed metal enclosure measuring in at a mere 8.9 millimeters thick -- or just over a third of an inch.

Just a few days ago Toshiba claimed its new Canvio external drive -- boasting similar specs -- was the world's thinnest. But it measures in at a portly nine millimeters meaning ADATA's got it beat by a hair -- literally. So if you've already transitioned to a thin ultrabook, this will easily squeeze alongside it in your bag.

The new HE720 of course includes the requisite mediocre backup software that comes standard on most external drives these days, and is available right now with a matching svelte price tag of just $US90. [ADATA via SlashGear]


    If they want to make something really slim and ultra-fast, they should just put flash memory in there. You could probably get 512Gb into something half as thick as this. I'm surprised no-one has bothered yet.

      Price being the issue. Making your own 60Gb portable SSD costs about A$100 as is.

    Wow! Beats the Toshiba Canvio by a whopping 1 mm. Don't beat the Toshiba's sleek looks by a long shot. Also:

    Adata - 117 x 79 x 8.9

    Toshiba - 107 x 75 x 9

      Not 1mm, 0.1 of a mm!


        I hadn't had my second coffee at the time. ;)

    Seagate Goflex Slim is also incredibly close to that measurement too. Given that WD are shipping 5mm HDDs soon, I doubt AData will hold this title for long.

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