Windows Phone 7.8 ROM Leaks Online

Windows Phone 7.8 ROM Leaks Online

As the iPhone legion waits patiently for iOS 6 tonight, Windows Phone users are still in their extended holding pattern waiting for Windows Phone 7.8. Good news though — at least for HTC HD 7 owners — came today from an XDA forum user who leaked the ROM.

Dotcompt is the developer behind the Windows Phone 7.8 ROM leak that he reportedly pulled from a Nokia Windows Phone device and released into the wild.

Here are his notes:

Welcome to the first Windows Phone 7.8 BETA ROM. No this is not a scam it is the real thing. So, if you do not want to wait several months before Microsoft release it you should give it a try.

1. . OS Version: 7.10.8835.35
2. . ONLY FOR HTC HD7 (I will try to port it to other devices as soon as I have some free time)
3. . Available languages: only English
4. . You can now have the the new Windows Phone 8 Start Screen.
5. . I did not test it properly, I was in a hurry to share with you guys. 
6. . For sure, it is still a Microsoft Beta Build so some thing may not work, specially in none Nokia Devices.
7. . The Rom was dumped from a Nokia device and is based on Tango 12180, because it won’t boot if we use WP 7.8 kernel.dll and probably most 3d party apps from Marketplace might crash.
8. . The Rom is almost untouched, this means it is not full unlocked or rooted and homebrew apps will not work (for now ). It has only a few Deepshining customizations.
9. . You can always flash back a WP7.5 Rom if you wish.

PLEASE dont flame if Rom is bugged or some things do not work. This is what I got now and I haven´t change it too much but it a start for future versions

So it’s not perfect, but at least it’s here right now. Grab it here if you’re keen for experimentation, don’t blame us if your phone melts down, though. [XDA]