Win! One Of 5 Double Passes To Aussie Sharksploitation Movie: Bait 3D

Win! One Of 5 Double Passes To Aussie Sharksploitation Movie: Bait 3D

What do you get when you cross director Kimble Rendall (second-unit director on the Matrix sequels and I, Robot) with the genre that gave us Snakes On A Plane and Piranha 3D? A Queensland supermarket flooded by a tsunami and infested by a bloody big shark, that’s what. The flick hits cinemas this Thursday and looks crazy over-the-top. To that end, it’s also in 3D. This one will be great to catch with a bunch of friends, and as supporters of the local film industry, Giz has five double passes to give away. And the winners are…

To enter: simply watch the trailer above and tell us in the comments what you’d do in that situation. And don’t say kill the shark with an exploding air tank. We’ve all seen Jaws.

Bait 3D has quite the cast: including Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck, Fantastic Four), Alex Russell (Chronicle), Lincoln Lewis (Underbelly, Tomorrow When The War Began), Alice Parkinson (Sanctum), and Martin Sacks (Underbelly). Do it P.J. Hasham! Find out more at Facebook/Bait3D.

Competition closed.

And the winners are…

A big sharktastic congratulations to…

Craig This film could be over in a few minutes… If they just navigate to the bread & spreads isle and grab some jars of vegemite and throw a few down it’s big ugly throat. That should be enough to cause it to throw up it’s own intestines….either that or put it into a huge, Maddening, Killing Frenzy.

KzD I’d pull out my Bioshock ‘Big Daddy’ cosplay outfit and get ready to make me some sashimi. Then I would swim down the road, steal a HM03 and teach SURF to my pikachu to surf to safety. I’ve had enough of these mutha****king sharks in my mutha****king Woolies.

sparhawk0 In that situation? That particular situation? Honestly? Die very quickly, probably. I’d be spending way too much time thinking about how I was trapped in a supermarket with Cariba Heine to spare much brain power for surviving shark attacks.

OllyT Best thing to do would be to move to higher ground, however in this case you are kinda screwed so you have to move onto Plan B. Plan B: Lure the Great White into an area/corner/vehicle that you can trap it by moving any objects you can find and blocking it. There are a lot of floating cars, utilise your surroundings!

DrPiemans 1. Grab that Shotgun. People listen to you when you hold a shotgun. 2. Convince the two idiots who tried to rob the supermarket, (remember when holding a shotgun, people listen) to play Marco polo in the middle of an isle. This ensures the shark will need to swim in a narrow strait line on its approach. 3. When that shark comes to investigate, we inject some pellets into its head while yelling “I GOT BALLS OF STEEL”. This then provides one less shark to deal with, and a safer passage to the roof top parking. Ultimately, easier access to a bottle shop.

You each just won one of five double pass tickets worth $44 per pair!

Note: they’re valid for any 2D or 3D session; even if there are those annoying “no free ticket” restrictions. However, the tickets are not valid for fancy Gold Class or VMAX sessions and can’t be used on Tuesdays, Saturdays after 5pm or public holidays.

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