Will The Ghost Of Your Dearly Departed Appreciate This Metal Urn?

Urns store the ashes of human remains and they pretty much look the part. No way you're going to display The Ashes Formerly Known As Grandma on your sleek Wright-inspired mantle in some depressing brass death trophy. Would you be interested in a stylish metallic cube instead?

Capsule.Urn puts a present-day spin on eternal storage with the C-5050 Urn: sleek, modern, built from solid aluminium that's sure to please even the most discerning of occupants. The urn comes in a variety of finishes and can be laser-engraved with any words you want. As a bonus (?), you can purchase a matching keepsake to carry your loved one wherever you go.

Forgive the pun, but the cremation business isn't exactly a lively trade, and this is kind of an awesome addition. Eternal style is gonna cost you though: these urns run between $US1800 and $US4000 depending on colour and finish. [Capsule Project via Design Milk]


    What?! No Companion Cube urn? Pshaw!

    Would a snowglobe be inappropriate?

    Im in the market for an urn for my father's ashes and was shocked at the prices of the things
    very dissapointing but just one of those things I guess

    I think it's about time the A.C.C.C. investigated the whole death industry and it's opportunist pricing.
    Hopefully I will 'just happen to' die in India, get an economy pyre, and have my chunks picked through by birds and precious metal scavengers before being turfed into the river. That seems to me far more dignified and apropos than all the expensive BS that seems to get procedurally stuffed into a funeral in .au

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