Will Robots Really Destroy Humanity? Gizmodo Interviews Jason Silva

So many movies, books, TV shows and crazy guys on street corners have told us that the end is nigh. That mankind's messing about with the idea of artificial intelligence will yield untold destruction for the human race, to the point that our last best hope becomes Keanu Reeves (whoa...). But how plausible is it? Are we headed towards an inevitable melding of man and machine, and what are the ethics of advancing technology like your smartphone to make it think for itself?

Jason Silva is a futurist, author and public speaker. More than that though, he is a philosophical freestyler who can get into your mind and scratch on the record that is your day-to-day.

He's here for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas — a series of talks about the past, present and future of art, literature, technology and the intersection of life with the concept of creativity.

We caught up with him in Sydney yesterday to talk about man and his relationship with the machine. Will we all be destroyed by robots?

You can score tickets to Jason Silva's show at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas here and follow Jason's stream of consciousness via Twitter.

For more, check out Jason Silva's Gizmodo guest post: Are Humans Turning Into Gods?

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