Wildlife Photography Contest's Winning Shot Is Unbelievably Amazing

Wildlife photography can be gruelling, tedious work. But the payoff is you sometimes get something as amazing as this winning shot from the British Wildlife Photography Awards. It's of gannets (birds), diving into the sea off the coast of north Scotland. And it's breathtaking.

Here's the photographer, Matt Doggett, talking about his photo, Gannet Jacuzzi:

"I like this image, as almost every stage of the action is captured-gannets entering the water, gannets eyeing up the fish, gannets taking the fish, gannets eating the fish and then finally leaving," Dogget said in a statement. "It looks like chaos, but the gannets know exactly where the other birds are."

Gannet Jacuzzi is the overall winner of the prestigious awards this year, but it's in good company. You can check out all the winners over at the BWPA site, and we've also included a few more below. [BWP Awards via National Geographic via Get Outdoors]

Winner: Urban Wildlife Starlings watching the Starlings, by Phil Jones

Winner: HD Video Raymond Besant, Hoy Fulmars



    meh, they're all heavily photoshopped

    Real good input HP. Let's see your un-photoshopped wild life photos hero.

    I love the natural skindiving water look of the Gannet shot, and the time blur and the "into the sun" soaring shot........(Wonders off to browse competition photo's site)..........


    ALL photography has been manually edited in the past... no different to photoshopping it....

    Professional photographers have all had their own darkroom techniques to alter the image they took into the image they want people to see.... Get over the technology....

    Remember a picture says a thousand words, but you have the be careful to believe everything you see...

    Great seeing amazing nature portrayed ....

      yeah cause being able to create images from nothing using software is completely comparable to the art of taking a great photo and manipulating it in a darkroom.
      what you can do in a darkroom and what you can do with photoshop isn't comparing apples and oranges it's comparing apples and mac trucks

      Some people don't use "Photoshop" on pictures....... :O

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