US Guy Pays Red Light Camera Ticket With 137 Dollar Bills Folded Into Origami Pigs

Everybody hates getting a ticket, so what better way to take the edge off than delivering payment in an inconvenient, quirky way? That'll really show those cops who's boss!

That must have been what this guy was thinking when he folded 137 $US1 dollar bills into 137 origami pigs and brought them to a police station in a doughnut box. But the delivery didn't go that well, with the collection agent refusing to "sit there and unfold all these." After a pathetic argument -- "But look at the pretty little piggies I made" -- he was compelled to unfold all the pigs at the station by himself. He also admitted he lost track of time after 4 hours spent constructing the dollar pig army.

But somebody has to stick it to the man, right? Right?! [Geekologie]


    "The great dollar-pig massacre of 2012" - Classic work right there!

    all of pigs look like they can lose 40kg and a personal trainer


    I bet if there were 137 doughnuts in there they'd been gone by the time it took for 'Mr Officious' to finish whinging about how he won't unfold the notes? Public Servants eh?

    If he didn't run a red light, he wouldn't have to pay. Glad this shit doesn't fly here.

    Spectacular own goal.

    How to turn a $137 fine into a $137 fine plus 8 hours of pointless effort.

    why not just pay in 5cents? would of been funnier and would of been sorter for the ticketed guy and longer for the police to count

      They have 1 cent coins there ;-)

        And as far as I'm aware, unlike here, they don't have limits on how much of each size denomination you can use.

          I read something recently that said that that "not legal tender" thing you refer to is actually a myth

      would HAVE, FFS

        Thankyou. Now I of to go!

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