Why Is There An 'Evernote For Women'?

Evernote offers a pretty excellent family of products. Skitch, in particular, is a personal favourite of mine. But apparently one company thinks women need an Evernote-type service of their own.

SomNote by SomCloud is new free service touting itself as an "Evernote for Women". It lets you "record and save important information, brilliant ideas, and moments of everyday life easily and securely" on iPhone, Android and the web. SomCloud has no relation with the real Evernote, and the whole idea seems completely ridiculous and unnecessary — even insulting.

Why SomCloud has chosen to silo women in this way is anyone's guess. Wouldn't it make more sense to market a product like this one — which is really not gendered in any obvious way — towards both men and women? [@marcidaleH/T @arikia]


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