Why Is Food Packaging So Terrible?

This hilarious video made by Pleated Jeans pokes fun at the universal suckiness of food packaging. From plastic wraps on a bread loaf to chip bags and everything in between, food packaging is terrible and impossible to open. Why can't someone fix all these awful little problems?

Think about the wonderful changes we've made in food packaging so far. Replacing the old never-comes-out tomato sauce bottle with the squeeze bottle? Awesome. But we can't let tomato sauce take advantage of all the technology advancements in packaging! It's an important condiment, but there are other items that need some smart person's help. Which food item do you find has the worst packaging? [YouTube via BuzzFeed]


    Yeah food packaging is bad, no doubt. Electronics packaging on the other hand is a Fu*#ing nightmare... just one example... "clamshell packing"... Aaarrgh..!!

      "clamshell packing" is the worst..

      There is nothing more crazy

    Yeah those american bags of bread are a PITA to open (they are effectively shrink wrapped for fressness), i cant help but feel some of those were staged/he was purposefully not really trying for dramatic effect. But on the whole, its all rather true, this is 2012 and we still cant make frozen dinners that open easily (not to mention the ones with deserts, you have to cook for 2mins, take the brownie out and cook again for another 3mins, so by the time you get around to desert its cold, so you have to eat it first, yeah im talking to you "Hungry Man" dinners, the brownie part should be separate so i dont need to dig it out and put it on a plate).

    This really is a first world problem...

      haha, need world vision to start a drive and get people in the 3rd world to donate today.

    Food packaging Is impossible to open? So you live entirely off the land or have you died of starvation? I'm sure it's gotta be one

    I know it's meant to be funny, but like most funny one-liners in actual fact there's a very good reason packages aren't terribly easy to open by hand: packaging exists so we can handle food with our hands without spilling it everywhere or eating whatever was on someone else's grubby mitts.

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