Why The New iPod Nano Isn’t Exactly New

Why The New iPod Nano Isn’t Exactly New
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I own a previous generation iPod Nano. I’m one of those geeks that fashioned it into a watch, actually. It tides me over until my Pebble smartwatch arrives. I was saddened to see last week, though that Apple killed the watch face-like Nano and replaced it with a shrunk down iPod Touch. It got me even more disappointed when I realised it’s not that new at all: it’s almost exactly the same as a Samsung product from 2007.

That’s right. Apple, the same company that got antsy at Samsung for “black rectangles with rounded corners”, has built a product that looks almost identical to a Samsung media player in every way.

The Samsung YP-P2 is a cute little MP3 and video playback device that first hit the market back in 2007. Our US counterparts even did a review. They said that it looks nice but it draws similar comparisons to the first-generation iPhone.

The iPhone came out of left field in 2007 so we can’t exactly blame Samsung for copying all the way back then can we?

Flash-forward to September 2012 and Apple announces the new iPod nano: a device incredibly similar to the YP-P2 in terms of design. The software is light years apart, but it sure looks similar.

Is it a copy, or is there really nothing new under the sun? You decide.

Thanks to Sam for sending this in.