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    Hey all you CPU nerds, I currently have a 'Sandy Bridge' CPU and I know that the current 'Ivy Bridge' are at a reasonable price, but I'm wondering if I should skip the current iteration and just wait for the new 'Haswell' model? My current system is Core i7 950 @ 3.07 GHz, I also have 16Gb DDR3 1600 Ram and a couple of 120Gb SSD's in Raid 0 mode.
    Oh, and while I'm at it my Raid 0 SSD's are only getting around 300 to 400 rating on the "AS SSD Benchmark" WTF am I doing wrong there? They are "Kingston 120Gb Hyper X Sata 3" in the correct Sata slots on a "Asus Rampage III Gene" Mobo., all drivers up to date running windows 8 '90 day trial RTM'. Thanks!

      If you currently have an i7-950, you don't have a Sandy Bridge CPU. That was made during the first generation of i7 CPUs (note the 3 digits as opposed to i7-2600). I'm currently waiting for Haswell or Broadwell as there is also rumours that DDR4 is also coming out at the same time. Even with my Socket 775 CPU and DDR2 I can still play any game fine so I haven't really got a reason to upgrade yet.

        Thanks for the tip on the CPU, the way they name this sort of tech can be quite frustrating. So mine is actually Ivy Bridge then, seems like I might not need to upgrade for awhile yet, might wait for Broadwell too, DDR4 sounds sweet. Now if I can just sort out my SSD Raid issues. Thanks :)

          Unless your controller is very good, as far as I know, putting SSDs in RAID0 will remove TRIM, which is not a good since it does help to speed up the system and keep it rubbish-free. Also, in real-time, unless you are dealing with huge files, you won't really notice much of a difference in speed when copying files in comparison to having One SSD.

          My suggestion would be to have the OS on one SSD and all movies/games/installs located on a seperate hard drive (move the user data to second hard drive so all installs/downloads by default are stored on the secondary drive.)"
          Having a drive solely for the OS, free of any other clutter will definately keep your PC nice and snappy.
          That's my opinion anyway. Sorry I couldnt actually get to the source of the issue you have now though.

            Yeah strange that, I've heard of people getting really fast speeds on their Raid 0 SSD's. What about a software Raid solution, would that effect trim? Thanks :)

              After a bit of searching I found that Trim is on in Windows 8 for Raid.. :)

    @ Luke from the last page.

    Try http://www.msy.com.au/ for cheap parts.

      Thanks, i have seen an Asus GTX 570 1280M for $299 which falls into my budget quite nicely, i wish i could afford a GTX 580 but i dont think my PC has the space for it.

      I cant get the GTX 6xx range because my PC doesn't have a PCI-E 3.0 slot, because of that it limits me from all the latest cards.

        Well stupid me, Thanks to Adam in the GTX 660 Ti article, video cards work in a PCI-E 2.0 slot.

        I suppose my next question is which one, a GTX 660 Ti or a GTX 570?

          GTX 660Ti without a doubt.

            Yeah, i did some research last night and the 660 Ti seems the best option, after reading some reviews there doesnt seem to be much difference in performance between the 660 Ti and the 670.

            I dont really care for full eye blistering HD graphics, i want my gaming to be smooth and fluid, Although i do want to try out the ICEnhancer mod for GTA IV in all its HD goodness.

              I suppose my next question is what is the best cheap modular PSU?.

              My local PC store is trying to push a HuntKey modular PSU but after doing some research some testers said that they screwed up on their tests, so i suppose i should stick to well known brands like Antec or Corsair.

                just so you konw msy isn't like a normal shop. you walk up to the counter ask for your item/give then your list. they scurry off and get the bits you pay and leave. its not touchy feely no discusions will be entered into except substitute parts for an out of stock item.

                prices are usualy very good

                i love it. i'm a repeat customer and wish all shops worked like this

                  The only problem with MSY is that my closest store is a 40 minute drive and the store itself is quite small and never normally has what i want in stock.

                  A few mates of mine have suggested MSY themselves.

                  I have seen a EVGA GTX 660 Ti Superclocked on Amazon for $309 that ships to Australia add a express shipping its still a little cheaper then buying the same card from PC case gear.

                  I still have to save up for it which might take about a month.

          And also all PCI-E cards are backwards compatible like USB and SATA ports.

      There's always http://www.staticice.com.au too.

        So based on this discussion , what do you guys want to read in terms of hardware stuff going forward? Under The Hood is our Tuesday regular that talks all things hardware related and I'm always open to suggestions. Any complete guides, hardware comparisons or myth debunkings you want to see on the site?

          Any tech but phones is good for me.. ;)
          What I'd really like to see is a proper comments section, where you can edit comments and maybe even rate other comments but 'NOT' like 'Disqus' that system sucks balls. I'm sick of having to hunt down my previous comment in that system.

    No Gizmodo announcement that Jelly Bean has been released for the Galaxy S3!

      I thought that it was already known that the SIII was getting Jelly Bean.

        It was. Following on from the SGSIII 4G news yesterday, it came from Samsung directly that the SGSIII would ship with Jelly Bean. That means previous devices get it pushed to them too.

    Finding a replacement video card was the easy part, i have chosen a EVGA GTX 660 Ti Superclocked because it fits into my $400 card budget, now i am in over my head trying to pick out a new PSU, i have tried to set myself a $130 budget, Does anyone recommend a decent, cheap modular PSU?

    I have seen an Antec High Current Gamer 620W modular PSU on PC Case Gear for $115 but i am not sure if its powerful enough for the 660 Ti. The official specs from EVGA says that it needs 450W minimum, so is this PSU powerful enough?

    Everyone come on in and take a knee. We need to have a serious family discussion.

    My inbox overflows with these sorts of complaint emails, and comment sections all over the site are being reported to me for it, so now I'm putting my foot down.

    Let it be known that anyone who uses the word 'Sheeple' in any shape or form going forward will have their comments deleted.

    I don't like deleting comments, but the term has gone far enough.

    Any that I see drop through the feed with the word Sheeple gets deleted. If you see any that slip through, hit the report button straight away and that comment will be gone before you can say "holy shit that's an obnoxious term that gets too much press here".

    Apologies for the serious moment. Resume normal transmission.

      I have never seen anyone use it, although i dont read the comments to every article but i suppose that does explain why there was an unusual amount of deleted comments in a Lifehacker article i read earlier this week.

      So i'm guessing this word now never to be ushered, is now on the moderation list.

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