When A Snowboard And A Motorbike Collide, Anyone Can Ride The Slopes

Putting a new spin (literally) on the adaptive snowboards that let those with physical disabilities still enjoy snowsports, the folks at Signal Snowboards worked with Crankbrothers to design what could be the world's first snow-friendly wheelchair.

Using parts from a mountain bike the creation lets a rider — in this case a good friend of the company named Tim Ostler who was paralysed from the chest down in a halfpipe accident — carve their way down a slope with as much control as any other snowboarder. It actually looks like it was one of Signal Snowboard's more difficult builds, but at the same time definitely one of the most rewarding. [Signal Snowboards]


    Mountain bike, not motorbike...

      Yeah, and here was me hoping to see something about a fully sick motorised snowboard.
      And even then it's more like wheelchair not bike. Just the wheels don't really make it a bike of any type.
      Oh well. One for me to invent myself then.

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