What Happens When You Add Colour To Iconic Black And White Photos?

It's a little disorienting, to say the least. The best way I can describe the addition of colour to famous black and white photos is that it looks more like a frame from a movie scene, than snapshot of real life. A little unreal.

It's obviously not as impactful as uncropped iconic photos but adding colour kind of removes the picture from its time in history. Do they look better? Possibly. But are the pictures as powerful? I don't think so. [BuzzFeed]


    1946 - A-bomb - beautiful
    Mr. Einstein ( I call him Mister, it's a sign of respect) looks very warm and Grandfatherly

    It's amazing to me. Brings humanity back to the photos, as while black-and-whites are great, they sort of give the illusion that they are from a time that doesn't matter anymore.

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