Western Digital's My Passport Edge Fits 500GB Of Storage In Your Pocket

If your MP3 collection has maxed out your ultrabook's SSD right out of the box, Western Digital has a pair of new slim external drives designed to complement your laptop's sleek profile. There's one for Mac and one for PC.

The drives pack 500GB of storage and a USB 3.0 connection, which means it won't take all day to transfer large amounts of data. The Mac version features an aluminium housing and Time Machine support for $US119. And even though PC users will have to settle for a pattern-adorned plastic housing and Western Digital's own backup software, they also pay a bit less at $US109. Australian pricing and availability should be forthcoming shortly.

[Western Digital via Engadget]



    Classic example of Apple, same product as PC but you pay more because it's apple. Must be better.

      If you stop and think about it for a moment, it says the mac version is made with aluminium and has time capsule support. Thats the extra cost. If you don't want that, i'm sure you can buy the pc version and just reformat it. Also its not apple, its western digital. They made those choices not Apple.

      Think before you post and save yourself some embarrassment.

        No Mac user I know could do that.

          I do it all the time and I've been using Apple products since the Apple II.

          no mac user could reformat a portable hdd? How would you even have that knowledge? do you run polls?

      Yeah not very good Symo, guess you just poor through articles looking for reason to take shots at Apple, even if it makes you look stupid for not reading it thoroughly.

    both hdd can use time machine you just need to format the windows version to HFS+ in OSX. So what you're really paying for is the aluminium. Good business strategy to incorporate apple and aluminium

    Do you have to use western digital software to load data onto this thing?

    Would you be able to format the Mac one to use with a PC?

      Yes, just choose Fat32 or NTFS as your files system and your PC can read the HDD

        or exfat if you wont it to work on both and not have the 4gb file limit set by fat32

    Eh anything special about the Mac one other than Time Machine support? Because that could easily be formatted as FAT 32 and then popped onto a Windows machine and used like that between both formats or format it as NTFS.

      careful Mark, NTFS file systems are not fully supported by OS/X permissions. Occasionally, corruption can render the data on an NTFS partition as un-writeable (not readable) to OS/X

        whoops, I meant to type FAT 32 not NTFS

          I use FAT 32 on my Mac never had an issue, well these days it's just FAT apparently. Though I prefer NTFS with the support of Tuxera so I can write not just read.

    aww, why can't I have aluminium too?

    'and Western Digital’s own backup software' - pass

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