Welcome To Los Angeles, Year 2112

Welcome to future Los Angeles. Homes will be built into the side of a hill. They will all be gigantic, geometric forms, with stark, hyper-modern interiors. colours are forbidden. Black, white and shades of grey only. While residing in the MUL:7691 house, the bathtub will alone stand as a piece of modern art. And the house may or may not be equipped with the ability to launch into the cosmos.

We eagerly anticipate your arrival 100 years from now and hope you enjoy your stay. [Void via HiConsumption]


    I like it. Pencil me in for the Easter holidays 2113

    That's the same bullshit that's being spewed since before 1912, and if it were to be believed, our houses would look like that already. They make broad, generalising claims that we will live in places like that, but they fail to realise that there are always different styles of housing in existence - some people in 2112 will be living in sturdy houses built in 1912, for instance, and some people will go for classical looks, always. In addition, the design is cold, unwelcoming and generally overdesigned according to the views of most people. Spaceships also haven't been en vogue since the 1960s.

    Feels like Mirror's Edge... looks like there's some decent parkour to be done there as well :D

    I can feel myself going sterile just looking at it

    must be a pain to keep all those white walls clean.

      Not really just keep your sticky jam fingers off them.

    So basically, this is Tony Starks house.

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