Wedding Party: Get The Smartphone Pics Your Photographer Missed

Wedding Party: Get The Smartphone Pics Your Photographer Missed

At my cousin’s wedding a few days ago, the hosts asked us all to use an app called Wedding Party to collect the guests’ smartphone pics taken during the event. Now, a few days later, I have a stream of photos shot by dozens of family members at the event.

The couple hired a photographer, but there’s no way even a pro can capture everything. And using the Wedding Party app to share smartphone snaps is so much easier than handing out a bunch of cameras.

What does it do?

Lets wedding guests log in through Facebook, join a designated wedding the bride and groom have set up, then share the smartphone photos taken during the event. It displays to the group of guests as a scrolling stream of photos with a note on who shot what.

Why do we like it?

Your photographer isn’t going to get everything. And if your guests have smartphones, they’re most definitely taking pics of their own. Rather than asking them to email you or hounding them to put their photos on Facebook, they can just share them with everyone who was there through Wedding Party. Then, after the party’s over, you can reminisce over the photos for years to come.

Wedding Party

Download this app for: iOS (free)
The best part: get all your friend’s photos
The worst part: reminding people to use it