Watch What Happens When A Nuclear Bomb Explodes Underwater

According to Pat Bradley, one of the cameramen who documented US atomic tests during the 1950s, the Wahoo and Umbrella underwater explosions were more amazing than an atmospheric nuclear explosion. Bradley talks about his experience of living through these explosions in this stunning video.

Even though Bradley 4km away from the underwater explosions, the resulting waves engulfed an entire cargo ship and hit the island he was filming from with his colleagues. The third wave, the tallest of them all, covered the entire island. They saved themselves by quickly climbing up some palm trees with their heavy film camera equipment.

The Wahoo underwater nuclear test took place on May 16, 1958. Umbrella exploded on June 8, 1958. According to Atom Central, this sequence is part of a new HD version of Atomic Filmakers - Hollywood's Top Secret Film Studio. [Atom Central]


    I always wondered what the white trails were that were present in some nuclear explosions, this video pretty much answers that question.

      Second that Mark, fascinating and terrifying at the same time!

      Yeah, I wondered that too.

        basically the white trails are a guide the scientists use to help measure the air around/infront of the explosion, or something like that

    Holy wow. I rewatched that about 10 times in a row. Can't get over how powerful it is.

    did they die from radiation or anything?

    This footage is also in (or was taken from!) the documentary "Trinity and Beyond"

      It was? I watched that only recently and don't remember seeing that footage.

    No wonder our planet is going to crap.

    YES! Let that be a lesson to any Terrorist Dolphins who insist on imposing their fundamentalist views on
    the West.

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