Watch A Brand New iPhone 5 Burst Into Flames

So you've waiting in line for hours and finally, at long last, you have your brand new iPhone 5. Its long body cradled lightly in your hands, like the willowy limb of runway model.

So what are you gonna do, now that you have the object of your affection? Nuke it, of course. Pop it in the microwave and let it roast. Kill it with fire! [Reddit]


    the point?

    This is getting ridiculous. Glue it to a side walk, microwave it, drop it...

    What a fool. This type of thing annoys me to no end. I'm sure someone out there could have made better use of a perfectly good iPhone. This is just glorified vandalism.

    Will it blend ?

      will it blend is an ad for a white goods company.

      this is jsut someone wasting a lot of money

        I'm aware it's marketing but you had to take the fun out of it, they're done previous models and iPads.

        Or maybe bear grylls can bust one open and rig the battery to catch fire to start a fire.

          only if he can use it to boil his own piss before he drinks it!

    I don't get the point of this or gluing one to the ground. Meant to entertain in some manner? ? Who's sponsoring these clowns?! Will it blend is probably to promote the blenders but this is messed up. A few hundred bucks down the can and a video that doesn't even make sense.

      yes, and it's a poor use of the world's resources

        the guy also looks kinda homeless too..

    I could have told them "All electronics are filled with smoke and fire"

    and I thought camping out for an iphone was dumb.

    How blasphemous!! Burning an iPhone 5. The heathens shall go to hell for this atrocity. Dammit this makes me angry.

    Isn't this the same guy that microwaved a 3DS XL and put it up for sale on ebay for $2,000?

    Such a waste. Shouldve just donated the money to charity. What a knob.

      My thoughts exactly.
      Just another douche fishing for attention online.

    Hahaha amusing

    How the hell does someone buy a microwaved iPhone for $3000 ???

    Should have burnt it while having Siri speaking. Would like to see Siri melt while she burns.

    did it die?

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