Watch The World Get Attacked By Cyber Criminals In Real Time

If you're an IT security nerd specialist holed up in some corporation's basement, you probably don't find this real-time visualisation of the world's cyber attacks to be beautiful. But the rest of us can sit back and appreciate the eye candy.

All of the red dots on your on HoneyMap represent locations that are currently under cyber attack, and the terminal-like ticker at the bottom of graphic tells you where all of the attacks are coming from. The data is collected by "honey pots" (the yellow dots) set up by the Honeynet Project, a volunteer non-profit organisation that's trying to find ways to combat global computer security threats like malware.

If they can make cyber attacks look this beautiful, we only hope they can find ways to make the absence thereof as aesthetically satisfying. [Honeynet Project via Atlantic Wire via BetaBeat]



    Surprisingly nothing from Nigeria.

      Poor infrastructure and low education relegates Nigerians (and Africans more broadly) to unsophisticated email fraud - preying on the super-naive. All you need is a Hotmail account and access to an internet cafe.
      Cyber attacks come from countries with slightly higher levels of education and more stable infrastructure.

    Also, US has by far the most, followed by Russia and small neighbouring countries.

    China only has 5 for the entire country. Would have expected more than the US, given how often they harp on about cyberattacks.

    I'm sitting here watching some guy in taipai attack someone in croatia every 5 minutes.

      Every 10 seconds. Where did 5 minutes come from?

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