Watch Rapper DMX Hilariously Use Google For The First Time

DMX is a rapper I loved so much growing up that I had a poster of him in my room. He's been hugely successful, even though he's really hard to understand. He raps when he speaks. He growls. He's intimidating. He has also apparently never ever used Google on a computer before. Watch him use it for the first time here.

If you need a refresher on who DMX is (I know, it's been a while since you last heard of him) -- he's been around the entertainment industry since 1998. He's a multi-Platinum rapper, having sold over 20 million records in the US and has acted in many movies over the past decade. He's been around. But he hasn't been around a computer.

Watch the video below, it feels like a Funny or Die video but it's not. It's completely real. Highlights include his infamous growl, his deference to "the little thing" (aka a mouse) even though a laptop uses a trackpad, his fear of computers and his confusion on the word Google itself.




    Wow lol modern day caveman right here.

    google is just a typo for an abbreviation of googolplex..... its a big number.... it was meant to symbolize a lot of search results

    Pfft, Fake.

    For someone who "never uses a computer", he seems to be able to locate the letters of his name pretty quickly...

      Presumeably people can learn to read and write without access to computers. Who knew?

        And, evidently, they can instinctively find letters on a keyboard whose arrangement is essentially random... Or perhaps he's used a typewriter before. Fuck, maybe he was the one who designed QWERTY.

          Or maybe if you watched the video he said he has used it on a phone but not a PC. So smartarse one would make the connection that he would presumably use a smartphone. Smart using a standard QWERTY keyboard, there is your answer. My god you do not think things through Adam. Read a book!

            Book? Are they those things with the keyboard letters all mixed up on paper?

    He needs to be hit really hard in the head for a reset.

    I sadly suspect that that he may be covering for illiteracy.

    Looks like he is back on the coke.

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