Watch: iPhone 5 First Impressions

We've all seen the twee promotional video and the listened to Jony Ive waffle on about the design, but what is it like to use now that it's finally in our hands? Let us show you the ropes on the iPhone 5.

This impressions video was actually captured on an iPhone 5, so it should give you a nice idea of what the thing can do in terms of capturing video.

Hit the video for a hands on look at the iPhone 5. Stay tuned for full reviews on Monday.

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Thanks again to Telstra for sending over the iPhone 5. You can find out more info on Telstra's 4G network here.


    FYI: Virgin Australia has started to use Passbook already

    I couldn't be more underwhelmed. S3 or iPhone. Get yourself a mountain bike or a surfboard and have fun instead I say

      ..... Relevance?

        His impression of the phone in the vid was negative. That seems as fully relevant as any other comment.

    Is it me or are the colors on the new Iphone5 slightly less contrasty/saturated?
    Only turned down the brightness slightly

    I'm sorry, Australia doesn't have turn-by-turn voice data yet? Someone should have told me that 2 years ago when I was using it on my HTC Desire. Muppets.

      It's called context you muppet.

      Contextually speaking iOS6 with the new Apple Maps application does not have turn by turn Voice Navigation in Australia yet. As stated it would be availible in October.

      By failing to understand basic English, you have come off as a fool

        There's always 1. Nice way to fail there son. Contextually speaking, Australia already has turn by turn navigation, however being that you appear to be a 1 eyed apple moron, you have failed to see the greater picture. Contextually, you've completely missed the context, it's too little too late.

    Got my iPhone 5 this morning and am loving it so far.

    I'm happy with mine. It does not suit everyone, and that's ok

    The best new feature easily is the functional home button as opposed to the one of my iPhone 4.

    Apple fans recognise Apple and pay premium price for it’s backdated hardware because they think Apple really maintains the quality. Most focus has been given on the new Map and it’s turn-by-turn navigation features at this iOS 6 launch event. Huh… Quality of Map is poor. Incorrect navigations, maps, and addresses! So many more issues are there! Is this the standard of quality that Apple maintains! Will you trust iOS 6 Map and it’s voice guided navigation! Apple said they will fix Map issues over the time. No one wants to be their experiment-tool, at least while driving. Who’ll be responsible for road accidents and deaths! We can use Map and Navigation features and figure out the problems easily, but what we are not sure - how secure is our data and privacy through Apple and it’s cloud systems!

      Stop being such a drama queen.

    Loving mine, I use a proper sat nav in the car so don't give a toss about maps. Speeds on 4G are great . It's my thirds iPhone and I use them because of iTunes etc. don't get all the fanboy hate, if you love ya android good for you, if you love your iPhone awesome, if you love ya Nokia 8210 good on you. Seriously they ,are phones, who cares

    Virgin Australia is Passbook already!

      No point if you're out of money after shelling out for the new iphone.

    Can't wait till I get the phone, don't care about the maps, got a GPS, but I've noticed that maps does some good so far when looking at businesses. Love the iPhones, does it all for me, if you don't then don't read these articles.

    I was surprised how much I liked it actually. I work in a phone shop and have been using android for a couple of years so I'm usually pretty sceptical about the iphones. Got to have a bit of a play yesterday and although not a whole lot has changed, the build quality of the device is miles above any other manufacturer. Yes it hasn't changed much but for aesthetics and simplicity its still the go-to phone and that underpins their success.

    I've got a HTC One XL and a GALAXY SIII for work, before that, Samsung Galaxy SII and before that, lots of iPhones. In my experience. Of the different devices and OS, I've come to the conclusion that I'm heading back to iPhone and for one simple reason..... Android still doesn't feel finished.

    The One XL and GALAXY SIII are amazing handsets, spoilt by a great idea (Android) that's been poorly executed. I see thread after thread about bugs and issues with every slow and agonizing software update and the Google Play store is a nightmare.

    Once you get past the novelty of widgets, live wallpapers and launchers, you start to notice the little annoying things, like awful keyboards, settings menus all over the place, freezes, apps that crash as often as they work, software updates that take forever to be released by the telcos and don't really change anything (or worse still, take out features that you used)

    I'll miss google maps and the amazing camera in the One XL, but I can't wait to get back to a simple platform that just works and works well.

    Say what you will about Apple's max security closed platform, but it works properly. I encourage people to disagree with me, as this is just my opinion and in no way stated as fact. Everyone should try them out and pick the one that suits them. I wanted to love Android as much as I love the hardware that runs it, but like I said..... for me, it's just not finished yet.

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