Watch How Jack Daniels Still Handcrafts Every Aging Barrel

In a world where automation and assembly line robots have driven craftsmanship to near extinction, it's nice to see a facility where humans still play an important role in production. Birth of a Barrel is a beautiful look at the factory where Jack Daniels' employees are very much still involved in the creation of the company's wooden ageing barrels.

Instead of a truck just dumping a mountain of wood at one end of the facility while barrels magically pop out the other, a surprisingly large team still shepherds each and every wooden vessel through the entire manufacturing process. And given Jack Daniels' whiskey takes a long time to create, it's fitting that such care and craftsmanship goes into the creation of the barrels that keep it safe while it ages to perfection. [Vimeo via Notcot]


    Mass produced not hand made.

    Still interesting.

    Every time I see jack I think of that indestructible bottle from that punisher short.

    If you can get your hands on it, try finding the National Geographic Mega-Factories doco on Jack Daniel's. It's equally as fascinating.

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