Watch: Gizmodo's Editor On Ten Breakfast With The Best Deal On The iPhone 5

Appear on all the things! That's what Luke's doing this morning, telling the folks over at Ten Breakfast the best deals on the iPhone 5 before it goes on sale on Friday. Hit the jump to watch the spot.

[Ten Breakfast]


    "It's a huge departure in terms of the design" WTF? looks pretty much the same to me - it's a minor upgrade at best - still a great phone though

    The best deal is not to get an iPhone 5.


      ooooooooooooooooooooooohhh... someones gonna start a fight up in here.. :P

        Let's take this outside! Actually. Nah. I prefer it in here.

    Cant wait, pre-ordered and waiting for that shipping notification.

    It's not even a very good phone, I can't believe all the fuss over a .5 upgrade.

      It's more than a .5 upgrade if you're on a 3GS or 4.

    The only 2 times I've seen this breakfast show in the past couple of years is the 2 things Luke did. That male host is so annoying, he's got such a condescending and abrasive tone.... maybe that's what gets viewers watching.

    Gizmodo promoting the Iphone5... who would have thought!?

      is it true that you need to run itunes if you have an iphone?

        Yes, It's the only way you can sync your media to it (unless you jailbreak it).

      Yea, a tech blog talking about the most anticipated/pre-ordered tech device.

      Crazy stuff isn't it...

    yes, it's a little bit longer. HUGE departure in design!!!!

    apple... creating yet more devices with fu##ed up aspect ratios.. well done

    I saw that! The guy at the front of the line at the Sydney Apple store is Todd Foot. He's promoting an iPhone 5 giveaway competition run by MobilePhoneFinder - Todd Foot has his foot in the door (gotta love puns).

    Lol Why didnt the guy in the glasses get to interview luke , he seemed to know what he was talking about unlike the bimbo ifan?

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