Vocalist And Violinist Perform Game Of Thrones Theme, Sounds More Epic Than You'd Expect

You've heard it belted from the electronics guts of a Commodore 64. Now you can experience it more organically with the help of Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling — vocalist and violinist respectively. Something as epic as the Game of Thrones theme would be a massive task for two people, yet these guys do a magnificent job of it.

As Blastr writes, Hollens and Stirling layer their performances to create a fuller, more vibrant piece, with 140 individual tracks making up its content. The accompanying video is a nice touch — who doesn't like fishing chess pieces out of the desert? — but you don't have to watch it repeatedly if all you want is the music. It's available for less than $2 from iTunes, or if Apple's music store isn't your thing, a place called the "Cover Song Store".



    The guy just looks stupid doing this. Her...cute...but looks like she belongs in Zelda game not GOT

      Speak for yourslf. I think the guy looks, wel, hot.

      Pretty sure she’s meant to be Daenerys.

      She has previously done a cover of the Zelda theme, dressed up accordingly :P

    Yeah, good luck getting that out of yer head today.. :)

      Pretty sure she's meant to be Daenerys.

    One for the hipsters with that neck beard.

    Hahaha, am I the only one who thinks he looks like Littlefinger?

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