Vic Police Using Myki To Track Citizens?

Integrated, contactless ticketing systems for public transport are all the rage in Australia right now. Sydney and Adelaide are the only cities without it working at the moment. The Myki ticketing system is raising alarm bells with privacy advocates of late, as the government agency behind it reveals that Victorian Police are making a large number of requests for passenger travel information. Uh-oh.

The Age reports that since the Myki card has been in operation, Victoria Police have made 113 requests for passenger travel information. This year alone, though, passenger info requests have spiked, with police making demands for data 71 times.

The police don't need court orders to get this data either. The Public Transport Ticketing Authority is handing these documents over to the police freely thanks to a clause in its privacy policy.

Do you feel scared or safe knowing the police can keep tabs on commuters? [The Age]

Image: Sam Churchill

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