Tomorrow's iPhone 5 Event Needs A Steve Jobs Hologram

Too bad Digital Domain, the company who made the Tupac hologram, is going bankrupt because seeing a Steve Jobs hologram at tomorrow's iPhone 5 event would be the best One More Thing... ever. Seriously, just watch this humourous video to see what a rapping Steve Jobs hologram and tell me you don't agree.

As an aside, I don't think painting Tim Cook as an evil genius who's sick of lurking in Steve Jobs' large shadow is that funny. I do find rapping Steve Jobs to be hilarious though! (Cause Cinco gonna blow your mind, fo sho) The Jobs and Cook duo is as good as Tupac and Snoop Dogg ever was.

The cartoon was made by Mondo Media and you can see the lyrics here. [YouTube via Laughing Squid]


    As an iPhone user everyone needs to chill the f out about another iPhone or Apple product for that matter. Especially seeing articles like it takes the same sim as the 4.

    That is bleeping awesome!!!

    I'm picturing a hypothetcial future, 10-20 years down the road. Steve Jobs will return to Apple, as a head in a jar (ala futuram style with Al Gore) and will once again rebuild apple to be a massive force. Introduce new product lines and create the next big thing in technology. I don't know why, but it just seems so cool for him to do it a 3rd time :)

    I'm sick of the apple hype

    holograms appearing every so many years sounds like Harry Seldon ..... from Asimov's Foundation series!....
    anyone ......anyone.....

    Just reuse all the old clips of Jobs from previous events. Like a montage, except cut it around for the Iphone 5 event.

    I dont think it will be disrespectful if its done with care not to mention a bit of tact.

    ANOTHER FREAKING IPHONE?! Seriously?! They just released a new one. At this rate, my iPhone 4 will be old news by this time next year. They need to space them out a bit more and not have a new one out month

    How about mentioning the 24+ hour worldwide iCloud outage on the eve of the big iPhone announcement, huh?!?

    I think even "humorous" is an overstatement for this video clip.

    I think this is only funny to people like the guy from the "Shit Apple fanatics say" video

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