Time-Travelling DeLorean Versus The TARDIS: Which Comes Off Second Best?

You'd think there would be enough room in the time/space continuum for everybody. Not so if you're in the time-travelling, space-bending business where the laws of physics don't always apply, in which case the universe might only be able to handle just one chrono-jumping entity. How, then, would reality deal with the likes of the DeLorean from Back to the Future and Doctor Who's TARDIS traipsing the fabric of existence together?

Thanks to the comedic genius of Australian Michael Shanks, we finally have the chance to see these two mighty science fiction franchises go head-to-head. The clip pretty nails the style perfectly and the finish is marvellous. I think I love it because it's just so goofy.

Shanks has quite a few send-ups of various movies and games -- you can check them out on his YouTube channel.



    Captured the style perfectly and they're only doing a community service by killing that silly neuvo doctor anyway.

    The fibre glass and stainless steel body of the DeLorean would just crumple if it struck the TARDIS.

    Fun video though, would love to see them do other DeLorean Vs Time Machines...ie HG Wells The Time Machine, The Time Tunnel, Hot Tub Time Machine

    Have to agree the DeLorean is no match for the TARDIS... density and mass alone would destroy the DeLorean... funny though!

    How many people can you fit in a DeLorean?? 2, 3 MAX? But - Awesome a BTTF DeLorean In Australia!

    the max payne video after it was better

    The TARDIS is alive, has boobs, takes you where you need to go rather than where you want to go, is bigger on the inside, and it's driver cannot be killed.
    The Delorian is an expensive liability on wheels (like all cars) built by a geriatric mad scientist and with a barely pubescent kid behind the wheel.
    I know which one I'd insure.

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