Thumbs-Up Paperclips Let You Like In Real Life

If it's nearly impossible for you to tear yourself away from Facebook and deal with the real world, perhaps these amusing thumbs-up paperclips will help ease the transition away from your phone. They're even multi-purpose, letting you express your like or dislike for a given document by simply flipping it over.

For example, the overall clever design is a definite like -- maybe even deserving two of them. But there's absolutely nothing to like about the fact that a set of just six will cost you almost $US30.

[25togo Design Store via The Fancy]


    awkward moment when someone puts it on the upside-down

    BULLDOG clip...these are cute

      Binder clip, actually. Bulldog clips are the ones that area single kind of T-shaped piece of metal, with the hole in the squeezy bit.

      *waits to be corrected because also wrong*

        Neat idea, but yeah, nearly $US5 each is just ridiculous...

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