This Ultra-Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Is Perpetually In Stealth Mode

You'd think the presence of 26 letters would be sufficient, but some keyboard users are extremely fanatical about how the QWERTY setup feels as it types. For those who find an old-fashioned clacking sound totally intolerable, the manufacturer Matias may have achieved golden silence with its new Quiet Pro keyboard.

Through some secret voodoo, Matias claims to have made the hardware whisper-quiet for discerning typists working in a crowded office environment. You'll pay dearly for such an innovation, at $US150 for the PC or Mac model, but that also gets you durable laser etched keys, three extra USB ports, and anti-ghosting circuitry, which basically means the hardware can keep up with even the fastest of fingers.

[Matias via Engadget]



    If the keys have a good solid feedback feel then Ill take one!

    Hmmm, raised keys just don't do it for me anymore.

    I don't understand. Half of the point of mechanical keyboards (good ones, mind) is to have a solid metal backplate so each key stops at exactly the right point and has a nice "clack" as it hits the board. If you don't like the sound, then just don't press the key all the way down, and choose cherry black/brown keys. I personally love the cherry browns; I bought a Ducky Shine I keyboard (yes, strange name), but it's unbeatable for a gaming/all purpose keyboard. I even ditched my faithful G13 for it.

    Even the font looks like a G4/G5 Mac keyboard. I love how many of these companies sell different versions for Macs - there has to be a better way than a whole new keyboard. If the Super (Win and CMD) keys weren't switched, they'd be identical save for the caps.

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