This Robot Cheetah Is Faster Than Usain Bolt

This is scary. This is even scarier than Big Dog. It's the latest version of the Pentagons's newest Cheetah robot, and it now runs faster than Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth.

And if it can catch Usain, it can catch you too. And then kill you.

According to Boston Dynamics, who is developing all this amazing biological-inspired robots for DARPA, the US military advance research arm, Cheetah can go up to 45.5km/h. Usain ran at a maximum speed of 44.7km/h during his 2009 100m world record, according to data from the International Association of Athletics Federations. And while Cheetah can maintain its speed for as long as it has power, a puny human can't.

Right now, this version is running on tethered power, but Boston Dynamics plans to test an outdoor version early in 2013.

Dr Alfred Rizzi, technical lead for the Cheetah effort and Chief Robotics Scientist at Boston Dynamics, says that "achieving 28mph (45km/h) on the treadmill is quite a challenge and accomplishment, for which I commend our robotics team. But our real goal is to create a robot that moves freely outdoors while it runs fast. We are building an outdoor version that we call WildCat, that should be ready for testing early next year."

The robot apocalypse keeps getting nearer and nearer by the day.

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    I would not want to imagine this thing running after you at 28MPh, however at 29 I think I'd be laughing. Until they improve it... Screaming after that.

    Is this supposed to make the world a better place? I can imagine the pentagon sticking some AI in one to be able to recognise humans and to then set it to kill. The whole thing stinks of pathological murder.

      What is it you think the military does for a living? Hint - its not all sweetness and light.

    Following on from my post yesterday with flying drones into hurricanes.

    Here is another weapon for computers, when they eventually rise and start their war against humanity..... I might start looking for John Connor now so I am safe.

    Reminds me of the robotic wolf in MGS4.

    it has begun

    It looks like Josh Kennedy taking a shot on goal at the start of the video.

      hehehehehehe :D
      For those of you unfamiliar with Josh Kennedy..

    It's frightening because it has no finesse... and the sound... and the shiny, hard, sharp edges with electrocution hazard and explosive-metal power sources everywhere.
    But mostly because it has no finesse.
    A cheetah could jump you at running speed and make a decision to cut you in half, or harmlessly box you playfully with the soft part of its fluffy paws.
    ...If a robot at this stage of development did that we would just explode like the fat meat sacks that we are.
    Of course when machines do have that kind of finesse they will be truly terrifying.. and beautiful. But we will still alternate between viewing them with awe, and being total pussies about it's potential for harm.

    Why is the "Treadmill" running in the opposite direction?

      What?? What???? What sort of question is that???? And why did you put treadmill in quotes. Why?? What's this about?!?

      As for the robot it seems to me that they would need an unusually long extension cord before this thing troubled anyone.

      You really are That Guy!

    but Usain Bolt is wireless.

    What if Usain Bolt IS a robot?

    I for one welcome our new mechanical overlords.........

    What an amazing world it's going to be later this century, imagine an army of these things, heavily armed, keeping the 'peace'. Drones flying around everywhere watching our every move and keeping us safe. Everything we do online is monitored, evaluated, policed. The human workforce slowly but surely being replaced by the machine equivalent. Let's all just take a moment to thank companies like Boston Dynamics for paving the way for what will no doubt be a perfect world for the future generations to grow up in.

    Hahaha oh god for some reason that video was making me giggle like a little schoolgirl. That was hilarious

    Robot Cheetah - slower than a Cheetah.

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