This Reconfigurable Jacket Is Like 30 Coats In One (And Is Priced Accordingly)

Everyone wants to get bang for their buck, and if you're on the hunt for a new winter coat, Stone Island's 30/30 Multi Jacket features a reversible liner and shell that lets you reconfigure it 30 different ways. The catch? It's priced at almost $US2200, which is like buying 30 $US70 jackets at once.

Made from both natural and man-made fabrics, and stuffed with luxury amenities like goose down, the jacket's layers are designed to keep you comfy in any climate or weather. And it even comes with an instructional pamphlet illustrating all the ways you can pair the liner and shell, or how to sport them separately so you have a new jacket to wear every single day for almost an entire month. [Firmament via The Awesomer]

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