This Man Purse Is So Big, A Paratrooper Could Use It

You've seen ladies cruising the streets carrying purses that aren't so much purses as they are duffel bags. Sometimes with good reason! People got a lot stuff to lug around. Following the same train of thought, there's a murse that's inspired by hardcore military gear.

Modeled after a paratrooper's carryall, the Civvy Kit Bag by Goruck is a 56-litre abyss in which to dump anything you could ever want to carry around over your shoulder and then some: The bag's made of tough, water-resistant Cordura fabric and rated for up to 180 kilograms of gear -- or washing, or concrete or whatever. Because, you know, man things are heavy. And why should the ladies have all the bag-carrying fun? [Goruck via Uncrate]


    Would be nicer if it didn't have an American flag slapped across it, albeit backwards.

      The flag is attached by Velcro and can be removed. One of the founders of Goruck is former US special forces and I guess he's proud of his country and his product which is made in the USA. If you don't like it, I'm sure you could buy something made in China instead that has no flag.

    Manliest purse I've ever seen.

    He really needs an umbrella.

    "reverse flags" are put on equipment that has an orientation, and quite legit. More than likely; someone just flipped the photo in photoshop.

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