This Landline Handset Desperately Wishes It Was A Smartphone

Like a child who hopes to feel like a grownup by putting on mum's clothes, Philips' new S10 cordless handset could easily be mistaken for a modern smartphone. But it's not. It's a complete fraud! Silly landline, you're not fooling anyone with your grownup disguise.

Now, as landline phones go, the S10 is certainly the cream of the crop, with a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen interface and metal housing. But since the crop hasn't changed much since the 1980s, that's not saying much. Functionality barely goes past your standard handset with a more graphical treatment for contacts and call history, and the ability to jot down notes with your finger.

The one bright spot is the handset's ability to be paired with a real smartphone over Bluetooth, letting you use it for taking or placing calls in lieu of your more capable device. But since a subsidised price tag through a contract really isn't an option here, the S10 will most likely cost a small fortune, which is hard to justify for a near-extinct piece of technology.

[Philips via ChipChick]



    Looks like an iPhone. Apple will sue them.

    I'd buy one for home and one for the office. When is it available? We use our office and home landlines waaaay more than we use our mobiles. I guess that's why my monthly mobile bill is $13.99 and my wife's is less than a dollar.

      but you still have to pay your landline bill?

        That's true, but I have to pay for those lines to get internet access. I don't really consider that a phone cost as much an internet cost. The cost of actual phone calls is also negligible at a few dollars per line per month.

    I think the problem with this device is when you pull it out at work and think "OH S***", yes that similar device is at home.
    This has better aesthetics than some smart phones I can mention.

      this probably isint designed to go out on drunk nights, be dropped over and over again, carried around in your pocket all day etc etc, so there's more leeway to design a better looking product.

        While I hate to jump on the bandwagon, I feel obliged to mention that Apple made their phone out of glass.

          so they can profit when you place your phone down (or put keys in your pocket)
          and scratch/crack the screen.

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