This Kerning Game Should Be Mandatory Training For Wannabe Designers

Imagine a world where every logo, headline and text were perfectly typeset. Every letter on every word on every publication optically kerned to perfection. That world will never happen, but if every single wannabe designer and wanker with Corel Draw and Microsoft Powerpoint played this game, we will get close enough to it.

Oh, and somebody ban Comic Sans already. [Kerntype via Matt Buchanan]


    Just had a go, got 100% first time. Any designers want to hire me? I have a screen shot.

    Hahaha, if only kerning was a problem! Makes a great game, but most designers use standard fonts of one type or another and never change the default kerning.
    The biggest issues I have are with all those people who "think" they're graphic designers supplying their clients with shoddy artwork- 75% don't bother to convert the fonts to outlines on finished logos, so many times they have four colour black white grey and grey logos that are their "one" colour option, including raster elements and dropshadows as part of their logos. Drop shadows!!!! Trying to stuff in way too much detail or tiny text... (that's more of a client issue than a design one though).
    And so on.

    This is a good game though!
    The only time I'll do a lot of kerning is when I have to redraw a text heavy logo that I don't have a font for so I'll try and match it with the closest one.

      Good point.
      However, There is nothing wrong with a drop shadow if you know who to use them correctly.

        You use a drop-shadow to help text stand out from a background. I think the point ozoneocean was trying to make is that if you need to use a drop-shadow on a logo, then there is something seriously wrong with your basic design.

      I agree that many designer's don't bother with kerning but I think a lot of fonts have terrible default kerning, especially fancy ones that seem to get used a lot in logos and the like. There are very popular fonts I hate because the default kerning is just awful; Futura is the one that comes to mind, although I don't like that font on several levels.

    " ...every single wannabe designer and wanker with Corel Draw and Microsoft Powerpoint..." Sounds like one of my drunken Friday night post-work rants. Kudos.

    haha 58%

    It's a pity modern designers and engineers are still taught Planned Obsolescence.

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