This Jacket’s Faraday Cage Conveniently Silences Your Phone

This Jacket’s Faraday Cage Conveniently Silences Your Phone

Switching your phone off for important meetings or trips to the cinema can be a pain in the arse. Victor Johansson has a solution, though: he’s designed the Escape Jacket, which features a Faraday cage in the inside pocket to immediately take your phone off the grid.

UK-based designer Johansson says that the concept is all about you-time. He explains:

During the research phase of this project the idea of “time as a luxury” came to be a main theme. After trying to find ways to give people more time I finally ended up with the idea of removing (connected) time instead since luxury is often more about the things you remove than the things you add. The idea is that as soon as you leave work, or just want a break you put your phone in the inner pocket of the jacket and you terminate all connectivity.

Slip your phone in the pocket and the Faraday cage blocks all radio waves so nobody can get in touch with you, no matter how hard they try. It also features an NFC chip to automatically switch off your phone’s antenna, in order to save battery life.

While that makes the Faraday cage seem a little redundant, in truth many phones don’t feature NFC — which just means that your handset would run out of battery as it fruitlessly searches for signal.[Victor Johansson via Yanko Design]