This Is What Happens When You Glue An iPhone 5 To The Ground

So you've got a new iPhone 5, but what are you going to do with it. Well, you could destroy it, or just use it. Or, if you're feeling particularly mischievous, you could glue it to the ground in a public square.

That's what did with the first one in the Netherlands. The results are pretty amusing. [The Next Web]


    Glue a $2 coin to a paver in a public place and you would get the same results. ;-)

    It could be just one of those replica cases we all saw so much off.


    Pantelope screwdriver and whip off the screen.... /troll bonus!

    I would have just stomped on it till it breaks to pieces.

    I thought they would be recording it all through the iphone camera.

    did this with a 50c piece while i was in highschool. was hilarious until the janitor rocked up with a chisel and pocketed my money!

    $20 note stuck to the bottom of a toilet bowl is better. Would you dunk your hand?

      Yes but setting up a camera to watch the outcome probably wouldn't be a good idea :P

    I love the people who try and do it on the sly, they always crack me up :P

    I like the people who start stomping it after they figure out it's glued to the ground

    Dummy phone, the buttons are the wrong colour as are the logos on the back.

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